Allegra Snare Drums

Allegra Drums 13 x 7.5 Snare in Vintage Maple with Herringbone Inlay and Antique Pearl Inlaid Hoops Allegra Drums Snares

Choose or design your perfect snare drum

Allegra snare drums have been recorded on more albums than you can imagine! The versatility of Allegra snare drums gives artists a wide musical approach to Jazz, Gospel, R&B, Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal, and even Orchestral music. The foundation of this versatility is a combination of intuitive design and time tested drum crafting methods developed over decades in the industry. We believe the foundation of a snare drum should be as dynamic, sensitive and musical as possible. You can manipulate snare tone in various ways, but you can never add "life" to a "dead" sounding drum. So if you need feather-light sensitivity in your ghost notes and awesome punch and pop in your backbeat, you'll find it all in an Allegra snare drum.

Lacquer, Gloss, and Wrap Finish Options

*** Ask about Custom Finish Upgrades

Available Snare Sizes

DiameterDepthLugsHoopsPart #Starting At
8"4"6Triple FlangeMAS-SN0806S$359
10"6"6Triple FlangeMAS-SN1006S$389
12"6"6Triple FlangeMAS-SN1206S$429
13"5"8Triple FlangeMAS-SN1305S$529
6"8Triple FlangeMAS-SN1306S$559
7"8Triple FlangeMAS-SN1307S$579
7"812 ply MapleMAS-SN1307W$629
7.5"16Triple FlangeMAS-SN1375S$659
7.5"1612 ply MapleMAS-SN1375W$699
DiameterDepthLugsHoopsPart #Starting At
14"5"10Triple FlangeMAS-SN1405S$529
5.5"10Triple FlangeMAS-SN1455S$539
5.5"1012 ply MapleMAS-SN1455W$579
6"10Triple FlangeMAS-SN1406S$559
6.5"10Triple FlangeMAS-SN1465S$579
7"10Triple FlangeMAS-SN1407S$599
7"1012 ply MapleMAS-SN1407W$629
8"20Triple FlangeMAS-SN1408S$699
8"2012 ply MapleMAS-SN1408W$729

*** Ask about custom sizes

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